48 Hours of NYC

12 04 2009

As with anywhere I go, the trip was all about food and drink.  I can’t deny both occured in excess!    

Yankee Stadium   Getting tickets to the first exhibition game in the new $1 Billion stadium wasn’t hard.  The new home to the Yankees was breathtaking!  Plasma screens, field views from the concession area and plenty of restroom space are all vast improvements from the House that Ruth built.  It has yet to build the nostalgia, but give them a few years.  As far as the concessions themselves…

After a $9 beer and a $9 Hot Dog accompanied by a side of $5 fries, I realized just how they planned to finance the new field.  When it comes to baseball and drinks, I’m a traditional guy.  A beer and a hot dog are almost required!  To my surprise, I also found BBQ, a finer dining restaurant (white linen table clothes included) and Sushi.  While, having lived in New York City for many years, I do appreciate the food savvy ticket buyers, however, it seems out of place to see new food choices this elaborate in a baseball stadium.  Maybe if the beverage choices were more than light beer (and I fully endorse drinking plenty of light beer from time to time), then the expanded culinary offerings would have made more sense to me.  Aside from the prices (which I fully expected), the experience was one etched in my memory for a very long time.

Flute NYC   Happy Hour at a Champagne bar?  Well, these folks do it right!  Buy one, get one free in a fine lounge atmosphere and includes all bottles up to $200.  Being a beverage director myself, I cringed at the thought of explaining the higher wine cost to my owners, but soon got over it as the second bottle was being poured.  I’m a huge critic of wine service in restaurants and lounges.  If done properly, I give unending credit to the service staff.  If done incorrectly, I become very judgmental of their professionalism.  My expectation of the service at a Champagne bar was high and the stylish folks at Flute did not disappoint.   Very nicely done and highly recommended. 

Craft Bar   Is there anyone who hasn’t eaten here?  If you haven’t, you have probably never been to New York and should plan a trip ASAP.   Service was spot on, food was prepared perfectly and the drinks were very nice as well.  The Top Chef guru is doing it right and, to no surprise, the room full of dinners on a random Tuesday night confirms this staple restaurant for NYC.  

Next up is the trip to Vail with the great people of Grand Marnier.  The 2009 Mixology Summit was stunning!!  Stay tuned…




One response

13 04 2009
Daniel Hoover

You will also have to include the Key West trip details that we are planning on taking in Nov and all the combinations of cocktails from this coming summer. Love the site. You tha man bro. Love ya kid!

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