Chelada? What’s that?

20 07 2009

Summer always brings a crowd of people who enjoy a refreshing drink by the beach.  One that I’ve had great success with this summer at the resort is the Chelada.  Born south of the border and, now, showing up on every beach bar menu across America, we have a drink that breaks all “rules” about beer.

I serve all of these drinks with the one beer that is synonymous with palm trees and sandy toes.  Corona!  Using the juice of one whole lime, a bottle of Corona, lots of cubed ice and a salt rim will create, possibly, the most refreshing beverage on the beach.

I know what you’re thinking!  “Didn’t Budweiser come out with a red chelada?”  Yes, they did.  This was a mix of Clamato and beer which is also known as a chelada.  The literal translation, if 7th grade Spanish served me well, means “my little cold one”.  So, with loose rules like that, there are many versions out there.  I find the version we use a little less intimidating for the novice chelada drinker while still appealing to the avid beer fan.

Regardless of your recipe preference, take the time to explore the Chelada this summer.  You won’t regret it!  Cheers!





2 responses

7 08 2009

Delicious!! Great summer drink 🙂 Thanx

24 03 2010

The Chilada is GOD!!! It’ii put ya right back on page one, not as heavy as a Bloody Mary, even better on ice, & I don’t even like beer. Certainly a hangover miracle.

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