Let’s Talk About Feelings…and cocktails!

4 09 2009

For most guys I know, present company included, talking about feelings is not on my daily “to-do” list.  Don’t hold that against us, it’s just how we are.  So ladies why is it that when your man gets drunk, you get the tears, the sentimental speak and/or the unwarranted arguement?   Or maybe your guy turns into a fighter?  Or a socially inept moron?  God forbid you have a man that is all of that.

It has been determined that most people  believe that if you feel good after a couple of drinks, then you will feel better after a lot of drinks.   In fact, the opposite occurs.  It’s called the Biphasic Effect.   It explains that, at .05 blood alcohol content, an average human will feel better.  As we press beyond the .05 limit, the alcohol starts to take a negative effect.  It becomes a depressant and can conjure those late night crying games with your significant other.


Keep in mind that, for most of us, two drinks puts us well in the grasp of .05 BAC.  Starting the party is always more fun that finishing the party.  Maybe the Biphasic Effect explains why.  So, ladies, remember this the next time you want to talk about feelings with your man.  Sober and you may not get an interactive response.  Drunk and you might get too much response.  If you start the talk at the first drink and end it with the start of the third, you will probably get a nice civil conversation.

Again, I don’t promote drinking to solve your problems, but, in some cases, moderate consumption may just be the answer.  Cheers!




2 responses

6 09 2009
Colin Burch

Hi Kevin — This was a great post! I saw you in the Surge and have added your blog to my blogroll. Would you return the favor? I’m at http://maltyhops.blogspot.com.
all the best,
Colin “Beerman” Burch

7 09 2009

Thanks! I’ve been a long time fan of the Beer Man section in Weekly Surge! This weeks was stellar! The blind tasting was a great experiment.
Much appreciation adding me to your blogroll…and of course I returned the favor! Looking forward to next weeks column.

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