The Spirit of Liqueurs

20 07 2010

I’m finally back on track after a few months of heavy projects.  In my recent research, the catastrophe in the Gulf was very prominent.  You can read about sustainable seafood in Thursdays edition of Weekly Surge (

Let’s talk about liquor!  Or how about liqueur.

Liqueur is an alcoholic beverage that is flavored and has some added sugar.  Generally, they are quite sweet and used as a flavoring agent in cocktail recipes.  Given that most spirits are coming in an array of flavors these days, the differentiation is the added sugar.  Spirits will not add any sugar.  Also, the alcohol content of liqueurs is significantly lower than spirits.

That bottle of Galliano that sits on the top shelf and collects dust until an old-timer orders a Harvey Wallbanger is possibly the most popular liqueur that is rarely used.





3 responses

3 11 2010

Hey just read your article in surge, “bringing back bourbon”. I was always a single malt guy and never really appreciated bourbon. That is until my brother in-law gave the whisk

3 11 2010

I was always a single malt scotch guy until a few years ago my brother inlaw gave me the whisky bible for my birthday. I thumbed through looking for my favorite scotches and for some suggestions. Imagine my sunrise when I found that the whiskey of the year was not a single malt but a barrel proof Kentucky bourbon called George T. Stagg. The only bourbon I had ever known were Jack Daniel or Jim Bean which were both barely tolerable. I quickly went out and picked up a bottle of the Stagg 12 year and I was hooked. It was literally dripping with flavor, oily and fragrant. I was in Love. I since have tried other fine whiskers from this distillery such as eagle rare and their rye. But I tell ya I didn’t fine the heaven of bourbon until I drank Pappy Van Winkle. The 12 year is amazing the 20 and 23 year olds should be illegal. Now I am primarily a bourbon guy who also enjoys a good single malt. Thanks for your article I think it proves that bourbon have their place with the other great whiskers of the world.

4 11 2010

Cheers! You gave me some good names to try out. I’m headed to find the Pappy right now. Thanks for your comments.

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