American Organic Vodka

5 08 2010

Most discussions pertaining to food and drink these days will inevitably hold the topics of sustainability and being  organically produced in high regard.  I’ll leave the talks of food for my print articles and to the online chef professionals.  Spirits, on the other had, I will claim.

What better place to start than with one of the worlds most popular spirits.  Vodka.

Square One Vodka is made from 100% American rye that is organically grown and produced in an organic certified fermentation process.  The claim that distillation removes impurities from the vodka leads to the argument of “what are the other guys starting with that requires three and four distillations?”  I must say that I am on board with that question.  Square One Vodka says they start with high-end ingredients that only require one distillation to give it its unique flavor profile and retain as much or more smooth characteristics as their competitors.

There are a few organic vodkas on the market, but I lean toward Square One.  It gets the approval of the Oregon Tilth, which is the most stringent organic board in the country, and they stand behind their innovative process.  For true vodka lovers, the process is part of the experience.  Sustainable, organic and unique vodka that focuses on craftmanship.  What’s not to love?





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