How to avoid a hangover!

7 05 2009

A “hangover” is primarily due to dehydration.  I’ll save you the scientific speak about how enzymes in the liver break down ethanol into acetic acid and acetaldehyde, which can be 20 to 30 times more toxic than alcohol itself.  Besides, I hated biology in college.  Let’s talk about how to prevent a hangover.

Before The Party

Eat food rich in Vitamin B & C.  Fruits are always a good choice.  Alcohol will deplete nutrients from your system, so stocking up prior to drinking will prepare your body for the party.

Drinking milk will help you absorb alcohol slower.  Drinking a couple of glasses can’t hurt.

Plan your night according the alcohol that you will drink.  If it’s a cocktail function, stick with the cocktails.  If it’s a wine dinner, stay with wine.  Baseball game…beer!  Too much mixing of spirits, wine and beer can increase the symptoms of the dreaded hangover.

Drink plenty of water.

During The Party

For every drink, have a glass of water.  I know this seems excessive, and it probably is, but it works.  I don’t walk around parties double fisting water and cocktails, but when I go back to the bar for my next beverage, I ask for a glass of water and drink that before I start mingling again.  Try this next time you’re out and you will thank me!

Eat while you drink.  This will slow down the absorption of alcohol and, thus, keep the hangover at bay.

Control your pace.  Drink as slow as possible.  Ordering drinks like a screwdriver, Cape Cod, Greyhound and other fruit juice based drinks may also help replenish your body of vital nutrients while still having a social cocktail.

After The Party

Drink lots of water before you go to bed.  Don’t drink coffee.  It assists in dehydration and will actually do more harm than good.

Take vitamins before you go to bed.

Parties are supposed to be fun.  Making poor choices and throwing up are not fun, so always drink in moderation.  Please avoid driving under the influence of alcohol.  It’s better to enjoy the party and get a cab home.  Try kicking the hangover before the hangover kicks you next time your celebrating.  It will make the memories better!





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